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Individuals, couples, families, children, teens, and coming of age

Individual Therapy

Most of us want to live life more fully and connected, but more often than not, stress, loss, disappointment, and unexpected transitions disconnect us from the life we want. I am passionate about helping clients find the tools to repair relationships, navigate difficult times, and find their way back to a place of comfort and satisfaction.

Abuse (Sexual, Physical, Verbal, & Emotional) Loneliness
Addiction Mood Disorders
ADHD/ADD Phobias
Anger & Frustration Personality Disorders
Anxiety & Fear Pornography
Communication Relationship Issues
Crisis Sexuality
Depression Singleness Concerns
Eating Disorders Stress
Family Issues Trauma
Grief and Loss Women’s Issues
Identity issues LGBTQ+ Allied and supportive of diverse cultural experiences

Abuse (Sexual, Physical, Verbal, & Emotional)



Anger & Frustration

Anxiety & Fear




Eating Disorders

Family Issues

Grief and Loss

Identity issues


Mood Disorders


Personality Disorders


Relationship Issues


Singleness Concerns



Women’s Issues

LGBTQ+ Allied and supportive of diverse cultural experiences

Couples and Families

I have a particular interest in working with couples who want to improve patterns of communication, who have a desire for deeper connection and intimacy, or who are in recovery from infidelity, or divorce. I specialize in high conflict relationships and am certified in Gottman Level 1 and am a certified Prepare Enrich Facilitator.

I also have an interest in working with families in crisis or families dealing with life transitions.

Affair recovery Increase Intimacy
Anger and Frustration Loneliness
Communication Post divorce relationship issues
Co-parenting Premarital counseling
Discernment counseling Marriage Issues
Divorce recovery Relationship concerns
Family Issues Sex therapy
Grief and Loss Step Family Issues

Affair recovery

Anger and Frustration



Discernment counseling

Divorce recovery

Family Issues

Grief and Loss

Increase Intimacy


Post divorce relationship issues

Premarital counseling

Marriage Issues

Relationship concerns

Sex therapy

Step Family Issues

Children and Teens to Coming of Age (Ages 2-25)

As a case manager and home based therapist in social services, I have experience working with complex trauma in children under the age of 12 that have helped me create unique and individual approaches to play therapy that is gentle, yet effective.

Attachment issues
Bed wetting
Social anxiety Temper tantrums
School avoidance
Anger and defiance

Attachment issues

Social anxiety

School avoidance

Bed wetting

Temper tantrums

Anger and defiance

As a former teacher and university professor, I have a specialty working with young adults ages 15-25 who are navigating life transitions and their perception of themselves.

Gender identity
Learning disabilities
Coming of age Relationship issues
Career counseling

Gender identity

Coming of age


Learning disabilities

Relationship issues

Career counseling

My LMFTA license is # 85000492A. I am an employee of Maitri Counseling Collective with on-site supervision provided by Chip Calwell, LCSW,LMHC, LMFT, license #34002410A. Additional supervision provided by Dawn Collins, LMFT, license #35001579A

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